Carpet Cleaning Machine: Care And Maintenance Tips

Carpet Cleaning Machine

When you start a carpet cleaning business, you will need to rent a carpet cleaning machine from a carpet cleaning machine supplier in Dubai. This device will help you extract the soil and dust that get deeply embedded into your carpet fibers. The basic method begins by having an absorbent carpet pre-treated with an absorbent cleaning solvent and allowing it to soak in for approximately fifteen minutes. Then the solvent is extracted with a vacuum and the carpet is rinsed with clean water. Follow this by drying the carpet with a hair dryer at low heat.

There are two types of carpet cleaning machines to choose from – the hot water extraction and the rinse and broom technique. In a traditional hot water extraction machine, a rotary brush cleans the carpet and then water is pumped back into the machine to rinse it again. This technique is often used with a pre-spray to protect the carpet fibers from damage caused by the heat of the water. The rinse and broom technique is similar but instead of water going into the machine, a large suction fan pushes water through the brush to loosen dirt and soil particles. A broom with a short handle or brush attachment is used to scrub the carpet thoroughly.

After you rent a carpet cleaning machine from a trusted cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai, you should understand how best to use it to extract the most possible stain removers and ensure the best results. This will depend on the specific type of stain that has been applied to the carpet fibers. In order to get the best results the stain must first be lifted from the fibers. Stains that do not lift can be easily spotted using an odor remover like Scotch guard or lemon essential oil. If a stain does lift it is important to allow it time to dry so that you do not ruin the carpet fibers further by re-applying the stain remover.

Most professional carpet cleaners rent their machines because they are much more efficient than conventional drying times. If you want your own professional carpet cleaner to extract the maximum amount of water and stain removers possible then set a drying time that is a lot shorter than those recommended by the manufacturers. Most rental machines operate within five hours of each other. This is because they all run on the same operating principle, which is contained in the Proheat 2x revolution carpet cleaner. The Proheat 2x revolution carpet cleaner combines the most efficient drying time with the most efficient extraction capability.